General Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. Reservation of accommodation and other services in Hotel Buly Opava

Reservation of accommodation and other services at Hotel Buly Opava and confirmation of this reservation by the hotel is possible only by e-mail or telephone or booking systems. The booking confirmation is either an automatic e-mail confirmation generated by the online booking system and an email confirmation directly from the Buly Hotel.

  1. Cancellation of accommodation and other services at Hotel Buly Opava

Cancellation of a confirmed reservation can also be done only in writing, usually by e-mail. The exact way of cancelling the reservation is given by the booking system used for booking. When booking directly at the Hotel Buly, the booking will be deemed to be an e-mail notifying the cancellation of the reservation addressed to the Hotel Buly or a cancellation on the hotel's online booking system. When cancelling a reservation made through an external provider (such as,, etc.), the reservation must also be cancelled via this external provider in the manner required by the external provider. In this case, a written notification directly to the Hotel Buly is NOT FOR A GOOD CANCELLATION.


  1. Change booking at Hotel Buly Opava

The request to change the reservation, the transfer of the ordered services to the original extent to another term, is deemed to be the cancellation of the original reservation under point 2 of these Terms and Conditions and is governed by the same regime as the cancellation of the reservation.

  1. Cancellation Fees

In case of cancellation of the reservation according to point 2 and 3 of these Terms and Conditions, Hotel Buly Opava is entitled to cancellation fees under these conditions, unless stated otherwise: - Cancellation of the reservation 5 days or more before the arrival date: FREE - Cancellation of the reservation (which was conditional advance payment or cancellation fee) 5 days (inclusive) and less before the date of boarding: 100% of the total accommodation price in the cancelled reservation. Group bookings, bookings for several rooms, are governed by the individual terms and conditions stipulated when confirming such reservation by the Hotel Buly Opava.

  1. Cancellation fees and non-refundable advances in special cases

Hotel Buly Opava reserves the right to set a special cancellation policy. In these special cases (eg long-term bookings, group bookings) Hotel Buly may require a non-refundable deposit to confirm your booking. Such a deposit is non-refundable, the reservation provision does not apply in case of a timely cancellation pursuant to item 4 of these Terms and Conditions. If the requested reservation is in the so-called special case, the guest will be notified in time when requesting the reservation as well as that the standard provisions of these Cancellation Terms and Conditions do not apply to this reservation.

  1. Client Failure

If the client does not enter the reservation term and does not cancel his reservation in writing, the reservation is cancelled and the provisions of point 4 hereof apply.

  1. Check-in and check-out

Check-in is available from 2pm. If the guest will arrive later than 22:00, the guest is required to notify the hotel by e-mail or telephone. Early check-in is possible if the hotel room is available free of charge upon agreement with the hotel reception. The guest is required to vacate the room (check-out) on the last day of the valid reservation by 10 am. Later check-out of the hotel is only possible by prior arrangement and reception and is not guaranteed. These General Terms and Conditions are contractual and may be modified by another contract in special cases.


  1. Conditions for processing personal data

Data administrator: Buly Opava s.r.o, Holasická 1154/2, 747 05, Opava ("Hotel")

Customer: A natural or legal person using the operator's services

Regulation: Regulation (EU) No 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, General Data Protection Regulation

General conditions

The subject of these Terms and Conditions is to ensure the processing of personal data of customers acquired in the course of the business activities of the Hotel and to stipulate the obligation to maintain confidentiality of such information, to the extent and under the conditions set by these terms.

The hotel undertakes to process customer data in accordance with these terms and conditions. These Terms and Conditions are made to the extent of the rights and obligations arising from the processing of personal data under the previous paragraph from the relevant legislation, in particular Regulation (EU) No 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, General Regulation on the protection of personal data ("Regulation").

Rights, duties and secrecy

The hotel undertakes to take such technical, personnel and other necessary measures to prevent unauthorized or accidental access to, alteration, destruction or loss of unauthorized access to personal data, unauthorized transmissions, other unauthorized processing and other misuse of personal data.


Operating rules

Dear Guests,

We are asking you to follow the Hotel Buly Opava rules and we believe that the following limitations will meet your understanding. Limitations have been taken in order to create good conditions for a comfortable stay for all guests.

The hotel can accommodate only a guest who will check in properly. Upon arrival, the guest will present his / her ID and become familiar with the operating rules.

At the beginning of the stay the guest takes a room without defects. Possible defects must be immediately reported at the reception.

If the room or other hotel facilities are damaged by negligence or intentional, the guest is required to pay damages.

  • The payment for accommodation will be made upon arrival in cash, by card or by transfer.
  • The guest may not move the device, make any adjustments or interfere with the power supply or other installation without the permission of the hotel management.
  • After arrival to the hotel, a guest shall prove his identity by a valid identity document (identity card or passport); without submitting any proof, the guest cannot be accommodated.
  • Accommodation is carried out every day from 2 p.m. A different time can be agreed on by appointment.
  • The price for accommodation is paid by the guest according to the current price list just after arrival. Then, he will get a keycard to the room door and the entrance door.
  • Our guests are expected to keep the hotel and its surroundings clean and to exercise care of its equipment.
  • NO SMOKING in all hotel areas!
    There is a strict smoking ban on the premises of the hotel, except for designated spaces (outdoor at the ashtray). In case someone violates this ban, fire alarm runs the siren and calls the fire fighters unreasonably.
  • It is forbidden to enter the hotel with animals, unless agreed otherwise by order.
  • In the event of non-observance of the operating rules, the operator is entitled to cancel the accommodation bargain, with the guest paying the services provided.
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